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Veterinary Health Center

Veterinary Health Center
1800 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

For emergencies call:

For appointments call:
Small Animal Desk
785-532-4309 fax

Large Animal Desk
785-532-4989 fax

For all veterinary referrals, please email

Veterinary Health Center

Roger Fingland


Welcome to the Veterinary Health Center (VHC) at Kansas State University. Whether your animal is a new patient, a life-long patient, or a recent referral, we are honored that you and your referring veterinarian have trusted us to be a healthcare provider.

We have been teaching and learning, learning and teaching for nearly 100 years. The VHC is a committed group of veterinary educators, researchers, clinicians and students. Your pet is reaping the benefits of our experience in treating hundreds of thousands of animals over the years. Our clients expect us to do it all — from high quality routine healthcare to state-of-the-art therapy for the most critically ill animals. Our caregivers exceed these expectations…every day.

Many of the patients we see are referred by local practitioners; in many cases, the person who has provided care for your pet for many years. We want to acknowledge the tremendous contribution these doctors make and we want you to know how important they are to our success. In many ways, we are here to help them, help you.

You probably already know that our veterinarians are highly regarded and the medical technology in our hospital matches and in some cases exceeds that available in human hospitals. What you may not know is that we are driven by our deep appreciation for animals, we honor the human-animal bond, and we know that your pet is really a member of your family. That’s the same status our pets hold in our lives.

Something else you may not know is that we have 55 veterinarians on staff. When your pet or production animal requires a specialist, we have an experienced and highly educated staff of experts — the best of the best — available on-site for consult. And when routine medical care is what your pet needs, our general practice veterinarians are among the finest in the profession — without exception.

We thank you for taking time to visit the VHC. I hope it gives you a better understanding of who we are, what we do and why we are committed to animal health and welfare. We exist simply because of our commitment to teaching and healing. This has drawn you and hundreds of thousands of people just like you to our hospital; you want the best care available. That is exactly what your pet deserves and that is exactly what we provide.