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College of Veterinary Medicine

International Veterinary Medicine Elective

Many of today's infectious disease threats are global in nature. Health events at the local level are often connected with global dynamics and events in other countries and regions. The health of humans, animals, and the ecosystem is inextricably linked (the One Health concept) and the veterinary profession is unique in delivering benefits across the whole of this system.

Students will learn about:

  • The global nature of transboundary, zoonotic, and emerging infectious diseases
  • The role of key international organizations involved in maintaining human and animal health
  • Some of the challenges in maintaining global health, including weaknesses in health systems
  • Key multidisciplinary concepts of One Health and the Sustainable Development
  • Applied skills for risk assessment and communication

The Elective is open to all DVM students who have an interest in developing a global perspective and/or working internationally.

The course will begin in Fall 2017.

Course number: DMP 885