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Get Caught Recycling!

In the near future the Division of Facilities will embark on an ambitious effort to help recycle as much material as we can. This will help reduce trash going to the landfills and improve our environment. You will be receiving a blue recycling container which has 3 compartments. These are to be placed next to your desk. The instruction sheet is included. At the present time these containers will only be placed in the offices.

The custodial staff will empty these containers one or two times per week depending on volume. Due to time and staff constraints custodial staff does not have time to sort these items. This will take a little effort on your part to sort materials according to what you produce (see your informational sheet). If done properly your trash should be reduced significantly and will be emptied once per week.

This is a new process and it may require some time to get all the problems worked out. We all know this is the right choice for us and the generations that come after us.

In conclusion, please do your part to make this project a huge success.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or the main office for advice.

Lynn Schwandt
Custodial Supervisor
785-313-3378 or 785-313-2173

Get Caught Recycling! Recycling Going Green! (pdf)

Desk Side Recycling (pdf)