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College of Veterinary Medicine


FacilitiesFacilities Management is the operation that keeps the buildings going for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Its purpose is to keep the buildings clean and operable for the students, faculty and the staff.

It is the mission of Facilities to:

  • Assist in the creation of a physical environment for education, research, and public service;
  • Operate and maintain the physical plant portion of this environment;
  • Provide services to the people who use these facilities;

It is a mission of support and service to insure long-term preservation of the investment in facilities and equipment.

It is our intention to carry out this mission in accordance with University policies and procedures and to do so in an environment that encourages each employee to contribute his or her best to support this mission.

Business Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 

Main Office785-532-6711
Director's Office785-532-6840
Maintenance Supervisor785-532-6669
Custodial Supervisor785-532-0808
Night Supervisor785-532-6712